The Tale Of us

Hello, we are Go Public

We’d like to introduce ourselves

We are a boutique marketing agency founded in NYC. We design, strategize, manage, and optimize social media accounts. Our core vision is to develop a collective culture focusing less on hierarchy and more on encouraging diversity of thought from all employees while upholding Creativity, Open-mindedness, Empowerment, Collaboration, and Community to help business owners build an online presence with simplified action-based strategies.

Meet Our Founder!

I’m Sheila, Your new SMM Bestie! I discovered my passion for Digital Media after graduating from the State University of Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with a Bachelor’s in Marketing. I’d love to meet you. If you’re interested in working with our team, you can call here to set up a call. I look forward to getting to know you and your business!

After working as a social media strategist and content creator for over 5 years, I founded my boutique Creative Agency. I am so honored to work with our clients, and being a part of their growth and brand is the best part of what I do.

Sheila Parra

A job well done isn’t enough for us.

Always ensuring your message is thoughtfully crafted and delivered to the right audience. Operating from an instinctive drive to achieve superior results while having fun.

We take pleasure in uncovering the narrative behind the data, using our extensive technical expertise to understand the intricacies of how and why things operate, and relying on metrics to support our findings.
The Go Public philosophy is about actively creating meaningful connections. Sharing ideas and embracing feedback is the basis of building long-term relationships established on quality, honesty, and trust.
As a social media marketing agency, our vision is to be a trusted partner. Supporting businesses of all sizes to establish and maintain a strong presence on various platforms to help clients navigate social media's complex world and achieve their company objectives through strategic, effective, and innovative.
Go Public mission is to help its clients succeed on social media by providing them with the best possible services and solutions that deliver tangible results, for example, Understanding client needs, Creating engaging content, Managing communities, Measuring results, and continuously refining its strategies to ensure we are driving the desired outcomes.

Our only goal is to help your business EXPAND!

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